für historische Wehrtechnik
Military technology in two world wars

Adress: Heinrich-Diehl-Straße, 90552 Roethenbach/Pegnitz - see plan.

The museum was founded in 1983 in Nuremberg (Northern Bavaria).
It is run by a non profit club - annual fee for membership EUR 50.- (pupils, students, senior citizens only EUR 25.-).
The permanent  exhibition was opened in 1984 in Roethenbach/Pegn., a little town 10 km east of Nuremberg. Since then it has been enlargened up to some 800 square metres in 6 buildings with an additional open-air exhibition ground.
Here we built f.e. the copy of a gun pit for the notorious 88 AA-Gun in original size....

For informations about a visit please send an email to
You may contact us in English, Norwegian, Netherlands, French, Czech, Spanish, Bavarian.
but it may take some time for an answer.

Our opening hours are on first saturday or by appointment.

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